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Some Names Are Stealing Names

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Some Names Are Stealing Names

The No Nonsense Show Episode #662

Does everyone agree that there are some names that are just synonymous with certain activities? Like Strawberry is prolly a streetwalker. Maybe not yet, if she is a kid. But one day… Yeah well, there are a few names that only belong to thieves. See if you agree with our choice.

Is there any one endorsement that would make you feel okay about taking the vaccine? Obama? Lebron? Fauci? Science is science, but I don’t believe we have even solidified the threat. Sorry…you can hate me. French Reggy wants to either lock down or open up. He is tired of the in-between game.

Reggy also wants to know if the rise of OnlyFans and other online sex-work venues has caused the price of nunu to go up or down. There does seem to be an overabundance of cooch in these streets.

If you cheated on your girl, would you be upset if she cheated back for revenge? What if she got pregnant during the revenge session?

Some Names Are Stealing Names #TNNS662

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