You are currently viewing Some Black People Can Swim #TNNS166

Some Black People Can Swim #TNNS166

Some Black People Can Swim #TNNS166

Calling out of work
Faking a death
Subtle racism
Helping your kids with schoolwork

We dig in to Jaye Smooth about not being reliable. He gave us a last minute heads up that he wouldn't be able to record the show this week. We went into scramble mode to make sure we got episodes out this week. Jaye Smooth doesn’t understand the rules of business. He doesn’t understand the value in creating solutions, not problems.
Jamie Mack has pretended someone in his family died so that he could benefit from bereavement time. This was many years ago and the person he lied on is still alive. We knew Jamie Mack was dirty, but not like this. Jaye Smooth has never done this but really believes in getting themost out of your job’s sick time benefits. From this point on he will be using this to his advantage.

Now that you are older do you notice the more subtle forms of racism? Is this just as bad as obvious racism? Or could it be that most of the things touted as racism these days, are not racist and are actually just personal. Jaye Smooth sees far more racism in the world than either one of us. Jaye Smooth actually forces white people who weren't going to speak to him in passing, speak. He assumes that the reason why he gets no hallway love is because of the subtle racism bubbling under his coworkers’ skin. For the record some black people can swim and all white people do not run towards danger.

As far as whether you should introduce racism to your kids… I think you have to. Not that you want them to be a victim to racism. But they need to know it exists and how to rise above it, if possible.

Jaye Smooth wants to know if a parent with little ability in school work should try to help their kid with homework. Jaye Smooth swears that this has nothing to do with him. Either way, I would love to hear his perspective....


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