You are currently viewing Socially Aware Nonsense #TNNS186

Socially Aware Nonsense #TNNS186

Socially Aware Nonsense #TNNS186

Here on the No Nonsense Show, we are socially conscious. Recently our show was called on the carpet by one of our friends. This friend wanted to know what we do for the community. They wanted to know how we are looking out for the young people. They want to know what we do for the culture. Well, we have compiled lists of all the wonderful teachings we have given the culture. Jaye Smooth wants to first tell us that he is completely out of shape. He did two days of athletics this weekend and is now at the studio in a knee cast.

Jamie Macks wants to know if being able to compartmentalize is an attribute. Then, if so,  is there a difference between being a sociopath and just compartmentalizing things? Is there a difference between a mercenary and a solider? Does your country have the right to give you a license to kill?

Jaye Smooth shows up without a real topic again. He tries to ask us about arranging a relationship with our kids?!? Or blaming us for forcing our kids to be a certain way. Trust me, you will be as confused as I am when you hear this....


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