You are currently viewing So You’re Saying You Got A Dude Pregnant? #TNNS133

So You’re Saying You Got A Dude Pregnant? #TNNS133

So You're Saying You Got A Dude Pregnant? #TNNS133

Scrotum Staple
No more B-Team
Pregnant Men
Blacks can't come up

We start the show out with a message from Jaye Smooth about a medical breakthrough he heard about. You can apparently split your scrotum open and stitch it up on your own, no surgery needed. I am not sure if this is a true story or not.

Also, we address the previous show. Some of our Twitter family were not pleased that neither Jaye Smooth nor Jamie Mack were on the show. They asked that we never let that happen again. I guess I am a kinder, gentler host. They need the edge of the two J's. Duly noted.

Next, we talk about the transgender man who is married to a man and recently found out that she was pregnant. Yes, I changed genders. We refuse to call her a him if the her gets pregnant. The jig is up sister. You are officially a chick again.

Last we discuss Jamie Mack's belief that black people in the U.S. are too lazy to ever "come up" as a people. He also feels that other races and nationalities make it against all odds. They are willing to sacrifice everything to be successful. I feel like people should stop listening to that kind of talk and embrace the now. You only live once and it may only be for a short period of time. Buy some Jordan's and rims....


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