So Full Of Fredo #TNNS482

Episode #482

I realized this week that The PREEEEEMIUMMMMM was coined by French Reggy. Maybe it was Jamie Mack, but French definitely made it a thing. We miss him. Meanwhile, I am thinking how much of a payday Smooth and French could share if he had smuggled Primerica into China. That's 1 billion new potential customers. Mack feels like that may distract some of the inhabitants from what is important to him...The sweat shops that make his goods. He doesn't want anyone getting highfalutin and deciding not to build an iPhone for 7 cents a week. We exercise our cognitive dissonance.

Sebi, Sebi, Sebi...Or should we say Fredo? Put on your boots. Make sure they are rubber. We are about to ruffle some dead folk's feathers. Once you get caught up. You can only leave one of two ways..dead or bamboozled.


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