Smooths Wants An Advance On Sex #TNNS340

Smooths Wants An Advance On Sex #TNNS340

In lieu of all of the sexual harassment charges jumping up everywhere, Jamie Mack wonders if some women, sometimes like being objectified. I mean is it possible? No two women are alike. And saying that all women hate being objectified is a statement that would hold no ground against a debonaire young looker like Jaye Smooth. Jaye Smooth never met a woman that told him no? Well not forever, anyway. He figures he will just borrow your vagina until you agree to give it to him. An advance, if you will. Special Guest just wants to stay out of this one.

Special Guest battles Jaye Smooth for his Black Card. We haven't fattened Smooth up in a long time. Funny, he hadn't gotten any skinnier during the break.

Jaye Smooth wants to know how much hate a person can have in their heart. He read an article about a set of roommates that didn't get along. One roommate decided to terrorize the other by doing things like sticking the other girl's toothbrush up her butt and wiping period blood on the other girl's belongings. How much hate do you have to have to do a thing like this?



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