Smooth’s High Peak Performance #TNNS437

Smooth’s High Peak Performance #TNNS437

Episode #437

Jaye Smooth is a liar. Guess who else is a liar? The devil. But this isn’t your first experience with us. So you already knew that. But at least he finally made good on his challenge to do a stand-up routine. Already, he feels like a veteran and wants to have comedian shop talk with Jamie Mack. But he won’t play us the tape of his performance. We want to see this comedy. Apparently, it was high peak (his words) then it tapered off. Regardless, Smooth won’t recreate it for us in the studio. I swear this dude is too scary for show business. So I decide to proceed under prison rules from then on. If you scared, say you scared. 

French Reggy thinks that social media is a mug. But what about its impact? French Reggy asks the tough questions. Could it be us instead of social media that has that problem? Before social media there were social distractions. To him, he wonders why we are so easily captivated. I feel like the evidence had been revealed long ago. All of the top executives are on record as not allowing their kids to touch social networks. The last step in our AI integration is here. Go ahead and upload your existence blee blop bedop xiong doing (that computer noise in case you are wondering).

We vote to see who is the funniest host on the show. All we know for sure is that French Reggy is 3rd funniest. Throughout the show he tried out his A material and it bombs worse than Smooth’s.


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