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The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Smooth Reggy

The No Nonsense Show Episode #790

After all of this time, French has realized his true potential on the show. He is fully ready to accept membership from all of the Smoothies. We often criticize Jamie Mack on how he derails the show from the very first word with random intro topics. French throws his hat in the ring and lives up to his mentors legacy. Also, French is terrible at playing videos through his phone into his mic. Apologies that we couldn’t get the external sounds integrated very well.

Jamie Mack wants to ensure that we are not headed to a full-on Sarah Connor future. He is not so sure that Terminator is not a future history story.

What nicknames are you comfortable with your girl having? Delicious? Tasty Cakes? Bad Booty?

Smooth Reggy #TNNS790

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