If Smooth Never Pushed Hard, He Would Never Get Laid #TNNS336

Episode #336

Jamie Mack wants to talk about yet another mass shooting in the US. This time it was a white guy shooting up mostly white people. Funny, it seems like the 24 hour news machine is not driving this one home. In fact, I didn't even hear about this one. I, feel like this one will be forgotten much sooner than the others.

Jamie Mack also wants to know how we feel about the idea that our women fantasize about other men while having sex with us. I mean do the math?You have been with your girl for umpteen years. You think she never let an [insert her favorite dude] jump into her mind to get her over the hump? Chances are that she has. Make peace with it and move along.

During our Question The Nonsense segment, we were asked about the sexual harassment suits being filed by the boat loads Jaye Smooth starts talking about his exploits and we have no choice but to venture to the dark part of Smooth's underbelly. He seems to think that persistence is not sexual harassment. Keep pushing, Jaye.




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