Smooth Is Sorry For 2004 #TNNS417

Episode #417

So you say you have been missing the singing? Nonsense sings on today's episode. We finally got Mack off the mic. But that leaves room for French and Smooth. After a throwback of one time that Smooth professed his love for a Slacker, he opens up and finally apologizes for his wrongdoings...Maybe.

I want to talk about people that can't stay in the house. Do you know that guy or girl that hits the club on Tuesday night? Goes to the movies on Wednesday. Hits a networking event on Thursday. Clubbin on Friday. Day party on Saturday. Date night on Saturday evening. Park on Sunday? They spend a total of 4 hours a week at home. Are these people the saddest people in the world or the most fulfilled?

Jamie Mack toes the line of many things. But this one...can't cosign. What are the rules? Where is the line? Who is guilty of thought crime?...


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