Smooth Didn’t Ride With Me

Smooth Didn't Ride With Me

The No Nonsense Show Episode #556

First and foremost, I want to apologize for us missing an entire week. This was totally my (B-Honest’s) fault. I destroyed the SD that the shows were saved on immediately after recording them. So we were really excited to give you guys shows this week.

There was a time when Jamie Mack would create a new email address to benefit from Amazon Prime benefits for free. However, today is a new day, and Jamie Mack has begun to pay for his Prime account. He also plans to get an official email account. Well, slow down on that one. But we are working on him. Just for the record if don’t have at least pone professional email address, get one now. Never apply for a job and leave as your email. If you pick a Green Dot card over a bank account, you don’t understand service charges.

Jamie Mack is worried that the drastic weather changes of late are signs that end of days is near. Not so fast, Chicken Little. This hasn’t been record day temperatures. Let’s all settle down and enjoy the pre-tornado weather while we can. Meanwhile, Smooth decides to take a Facetime call in the middle of the show. He takes exactly one step outside of the studio door and continues his loud conversation. Jamie Mack and I argue about who brought Smooth to the party. I don’t feel like he is my liability.

We reviewed a few movies this week. I think I have figured out why America is love with white men. It is because their stories are romantic. A regular guy can face the world and not give a damn and overcome against all odds. I am starting to agree with the Hoteps. All black movies are about slaves and athletes. We need some black movies are about a regular average guy that doesn’t care about the naysayers and can rise above the fray to success. Is that possible?

Smooth Didn’t Ride With Me #TNNS556

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