You are currently viewing Sliding Down The Gay Scale #TNNS125 with O Dubb

Sliding Down The Gay Scale #TNNS125 with O Dubb

The influence of Young Thug
The Gay Scale

Today’s show is a petri dish of ADHD. We welcome any scientists testing the effects of attention deficit on black males to use our case study. Jamie Mack tried to begin the first segment talking about how Young Thug and the new young men are not necessarily gay but they are something less than heterosexual.
O Dubb immediately takes the conversation into outer space. From there it goes into a spiral of confusion about missed child support payments to sniffing lines off of women's breasts. This spiral is one we never recover from. This show has no specific topic. Being that iIam the only non ADHD person on the show, I was overpowered and just went with it.



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