You are currently viewing You Slept In Your Perm But Your Hair Is Still Nappy #TNNS261

You Slept In Your Perm But Your Hair Is Still Nappy #TNNS261

You Slept In Your Perm But Your Hair Is Still Nappy #TNNS261

Mammals are supposed to have hair. Jamie Mack experienced a very hairy woman and was disgusted. He was in a local restaurant and a hairy legged woman came in.He is not down with his woman having any hair anywhere on her body. I think he would be happy if his woman had the body of a sea lion. He wants to know if we are willing to let our women be all natural. Do we have an issue with body hair? Jaye Smooth takes this opportunity to insult the continent of Africa and their inability to have permed hairstyles. He also doesn’t want his woman to have a thicker mustache than him.

At first glance, you would assume that Jaye Smooth and I battled in No Nonsense Music Trivia. Need I say more?

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about the Georgia Federal Prisoners that broke out of prison recently to receive contraband only to break back in. They have been doing it for years but this time they got caught. If I got out of prison, I am definitely not going back.

Jamie Mack wants to know how bad you want to win a fight. What are you willing to do or sacrifice? Grab a nut? I would. In fact, now that I think about it, this may be a go-to move.

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