You are currently viewing Slaves Came To America On A Full Scholarship #TNNS285

Slaves Came To America On A Full Scholarship #TNNS285

Slaves Came To America On A Full Scholarship #TNNS285

Jamie Mack wants to start the show off talking about the cosmos. It’s funny how the show conversation has become more intelligent these days (thinking emoji). He tries again to get me to commit to a specific religion. I just want humans to evolve past the need for the story.

In any event, Jamie mack wants us to admit our worst attribute. Unfortunately, using tough words even though he doesn’t fully understand their meaning (extrapolate), is not his. In fact, he finds a way to justify slavery in his assessment of himself. He walks us down a road to a place where the slaves had a scholarship. Yep. They came here on a full ride. Self-deprecation is necessary sometimes. But does it really help us to be better people? Probably not. Still, tune in to see how we see ourselves.

For my topic, I want to know if when black people ask for equality in America, they are comfortable with being complicit with the atrocities of the place they want equality in. America is responsible for some of the most sensational and disgusting examples of greed and evil doings. I’m not sure I want equality here. I don't want to pay for the sins of my fathers, founding or otherwise.

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