She’s Christopher Columbus To Jaye Smooth’s Prostate #TNNS182 with guest Carmella

She’s Christopher Columbus To Jaye Smooth’s Prostate #TNNS182 with guest Carmella

She's Christopher Columbus To Jaye Smooth's Prostate #TNNS182 with guest Carmella

and more ADHD

Jamie Mack wants to discuss whether or not it is possible to respect a woman after you have dogged her. Can you continue to love her the same way after doing her so wrong?

We don’t even get into the topic before it comes out that Carmella has convinced Jaye Smooth to test the waters. Apparently now he is willing to allow this woman to milk his prostate. We just want to get it live on Periscope. We are meeting a brand new Jaye Smooth.

From here ADHD takes over and we talk about auto-fellatio, gag reflexes, women with big hands, sharing partners, head from a stranger, sister wives, watching gay men porn, and prints.

Back to the topic, I feel like some women need to be dogged. It depends on what you are used to seeing women endure. This is very similar to women that accept being battered.

Our guest does not want to have a relationship. She prefers to have a sex partner. In fact, she is more comfortable not having a relationship. However, she likes to have sex with her cut buddy like they are in love.

Next we discuss whether it is okay to discipline someone else’s kids. Do step dads or step moms have the green light to administer spankings? Who do you need to get permission from? Or should the step parent just take their concerns to the real parent and let them discipline the kid. If you do spank them, should you do it while still angry?...


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