She Is Only Celibate With You #TNNS320

She Is Only Celibate With You #TNNS320

Jaye Smooth just can’t get right. In his varied travels through the land of being a “good” man and being a dog, he has come across women who feel the need to reclaim their virginity. Yes, this is a thing. There are women who become celibate in an effort to reclaim their vagina. But not in Jaye Smooth’s case. It turns out that these women just don’t want to deal with him. And that is the best excuse they could come up with. Don’t worry. We break it to him gently. It ain’t them, it’s you.

Meanwhile, Mack touched another man’s drawers. Granted, it was at a laundry mat. But he touched them, nonetheless. What is the man code violation number for this? Is there ever a case when touching a man’s underwear is accepted or understood?

French Reggy is preparing himself for fatherhood. Practicing with his nephew he reached a crossroads. When disciplining a child, should you feed them wisdom or show them unconditional love? Is unconditional love real? Not to Jamie Mack. Everything in his life has conditions....


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