You are currently viewing Sharing The Urinal To Conserve (Podcast Party) #TNNS207

Sharing The Urinal To Conserve (Podcast Party) #TNNS207

Sharing The Urinal To Conserve (Podcast Party) #TNNS207

The Second Annual Podcast Party is here. We took the show to 630 Travis Street. We had a great time and hope that you can make it out next year.

Before we get into the party recording, we sat down to give thoughts on the party. Jays Smooth used this opportunity to clap back at King Kunta who has been coming for him in the slack room.

We get into the show and immediately call out the women in the audience. “Who in here has good p*$$*?” Of course, all ladies think that they have the goodies. Most of them don’t. Even fewer women give good head. Jays Smooth gives ladies a test to know whether you have the good or not.

Jays Smooth gives us insight on how the gay seed was planted in him. Turns out his mother forced him and his brothers….and cousins to all pee at the same time. 5 Boys 1 Toilet.

Jamie Mack has been wondering how sex feels to women?!? Never, have I ever thought about what this feels like. I am willing to bet that most men don’t consider this. Turns out that most women do have penis envy, though.



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