Shaman the Showman

Shaman the Showman

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Shaman the Showman

The No Nonsense Show Episode #753

Kam replaces Mack as the “late one”. Of course Mack doesn’t remember that he is usually the “late one”. He tries to separate himself from the flock, understandably so, when Kam and French start talking about spiritual wars between good and evil.

The mind filters out things in the background and certain drugs allow the background to be seen again. Jamie Mack brings on a guest to walk us through their Ayahuasca experiences. It turns out to be some really serious stuff. Like super serious…I am worried that the experience is 0% fun. Is that shallow? The ceremonies are rigid in the way they are carried out. Just think music, lighting, and a shaman.

This is where they lose me. French, Mack, and Kam are in…I’m out. This starts to feel like church to me. I should have asked how much it costs to do. Hopefully there isn’t a shaman version of Creflo Dollar.

Shaman the Showman #TNNS753

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