You are currently viewing Sexing With Your Kid In The Next Bed #TNNS184 with guest, Kit

Sexing With Your Kid In The Next Bed #TNNS184 with guest, Kit

Sexing With Your Kid In The Next Bed #TNNS184 with guest, Kit

Jamie Mack is readjusting his filter when it comes to things he talks about or listens to around his kids. Now that they are a little older, he lets things get through that normally would have been hidden. Besides that, during his trip to N.O., his kids saw things that they were not expecting. My personal philosophy is that you shouldn’t shield kids from too much. I would prefer that I introduce them to the ills of the world. Plus there is nothing worse than a kid going to school and cursing like an idiot. I want my kids to be fully prepared the first time they need to curse somebody out.

Jaye Smooth read online somewhere that bartenders are now turning away pregnant women from getting alcohol. Why the hell would you ever give a pregnant woman any alcohol? This is like drug dealers selling crack to their mom.

I have a friend that smoked and drank throughout her entire pregnancy….twice. Luckily the kids came out okay. Mack has a similar story. Come on moms….Get it together.

Either way, I’m not helping a mother get her baby drunk in utero.

Last we discuss having sex with people in the house. Would you rather have sex with your kids in the adjacent room? Or would you rather beat up the goodies with your mother-in-law in the next room? Jamie Mack tried to get busy on his road trip with his kids in the next bed over. The depths of nastiness does change when you have certain people in earshot. Listeners, one key tip in purchasing a home is to get the one with the in-law suite. This will allow you to be the nasty sexual deviant you are without crippling your kids for life....


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