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Sex Every 24 to 48 Hours #TNNS227

Sex Every 24 to 48 Hours #TNNS227

O Dubb and Kit are in the studio together for the first time in a long time. O Dubb is trying to explain the purpose of his having two flip phones circa 1999. It has to do with hustling and the FBI. But I have already said too much.

Even though O Dubb recently began practicing masturbation abstinence, he received a sexual video from a woman that is not a part of his love triangle and had no choice but to break out his whammy stick and backslide all the way to his lotion drawer. Meanwhile, Kit admits to having sex with other men in her dreams.

With conversation like this, we opt to not even get into a real topic. We do, however, have time for some smart trivia. All I have to say is “TEAM HONEST”.

Next Jamie Mack demands that he gets sex at the very least every 48 hours. If he doesn't get it, all hell breaks loose. His motor skills begin depleting and normal conversation becomes almost impossible. I happen to agree with him on this one. My wife and I argue about this type of thing constantly. In fact, 48 hours is a stretch. Jamie Mack’s nerves go bad and he quickly gets to DEFCON 1. Thermonuclear war is imminent.

On top of this, I want to know what things will turn you off from sex even if it has been 48 hours.

Lastly, one of our Slack Listeners wants to ask for our opinions on a crazy family situation involving a husband, his brother, and a love child. You already know how it goes when we get ahold of a topic/ question like this....


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