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Set It Out and Let It Out

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Set It Out and Let It Out

The No Nonsense Show Episode #695

Jamie Mack wants to know if you push when washing your butt. I know how that sounds…Sadly, it is just as it sounds. Smooth is back this week and it seems like old times. My advice, just get a bidet. French Reggy just goes to a bath house. He always rounded his off with a happy ending.

Quick question, why are there not a lot of male happy ending spots for women? We may need to corner this market. We found our niche. It seems like the outward appearance of a male happy ending is frowned upon.

You know what else is frowned upon? Young women with older males. Jamie Mack has told us many times that the standard is not the same for older women and younger men. We agree though, that if you are someone that is setting it out and letting it out, the standards also change.

Reggy wants to talk about a new angle on marriage that some young people are trying. No sex. Just friends that share a life together. They date outside and have sex outside. They share bills and lifestyle. Can this work?

Set It Out and Let It Out #TNNS695

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