You are currently viewing Separation Of Sex And Weight #TNNS136 with guest A.D.

Separation Of Sex And Weight #TNNS136 with guest A.D.

Separation Of Sex And Weight #TNNS136 with guest A.D.

Touchy, Feely Waiter
Ride for Laquan?
Lose weight or get left

Jamie Mack (the worst tipper in the world) wants to discuss or should I say justify leaving a poor tip again. This time, however, he may have a case. His server did not verify that he got the proper order and also imposed a handshake on him. At no point ever should you ask someone to give you any hand to hand contact while you are eating? This waiter was way too touchy, feely. On a 40 dollar bill, he left 3 dollars. So we still have some work to do.

Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth battle it out in No Nonsense Trivia.

We talk about Laquan McDonald and his unfortunate meeting with 16 shots. Jamie Mack wants to consider that this person may not be the one we want to rally behind. Does a knife-wielding teenager warrant such malice? Is any crime the same? How does this compare to Rodney King? What happens if the cop gets off?

Drama from a follower this week is dealing with a man threatening to leave his wife if she doesn't lose weight. Her excuse is depression and a couple of children. He is cheating on her already and has even had one of the women contact his wife to tell her exactly why he is cheating. He has given her a couple of months to head in the right direction.



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