Selling Child Sex Robots To Pedophiles #TNNS267

Selling Child Sex Robots To Pedophiles #TNNS267

Selling Child Sex Robots To Pedophiles #TNNS267 Jaye Smooth can’t help but let the world know how big his equipment is. He wants everyone to know so badly that he is willing to do everything save showing us in the studio. Wait….That one time he had me watching a home video of one of his girlfriends stripping only to fade in a clear shot of his member. We end up giving him a few minutes to sell it to the audience.

I want to talk about driving. One of the world’s double standards is that men have to chauffeur their ladies around whether or not we feel like it. Jaye Smooth feels like he wants to be in control of every car ride. I want to know how the show feels about the day when cars will drive autonomously. Would you let a car drive you robotically?

Jamie Mack had a dream...That one day we at the nonsense will blow up and get ad money from everywhere. He wants to know if we would advertise products that we don’t believe in. That sounds like a slippery slope. Eventually, we will be selling anything to everyone including pedophiles. Perhaps selling child sex robots to pedophiles would prevent real statutory rape.

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