You are currently viewing Self Conscious About My Print #TNNS183 with guest Carmella

Self Conscious About My Print #TNNS183 with guest Carmella

Self Conscious About My Print #TNNS183 with guest Carmella

We return to a show that is even more ADHD than the last episode. So rather than waste my time trying to explain how we got to each topic, I will just list a few of the topics and let your imagination do the rest until you listen.

Crack vs Meth; fisting; residual consequences of anal play; bubble guts; public bathrooms; peeing commando; Italian speedos; hairy balls; basketball shorts in the pool; tricky prints; and same-sex massages.

And that is just in the first segment. We were supposed to be talking about being self-conscious of your print. Jamie Mack went on a cruise and made sure the beaches of Nassau got a full view of his print. According to him, his old co-workers had a nickname for him that rhymes with Bamalonda.

Next, we discuss picking the right woman for you. Again it is chaos and we speak about:

Ass shots; Jaye being a cornball; keeping underwear too long; adult diapers; anal sex on her period; and penis envy.

It is supposed to be a conversation about the difference between a woman with street smarts, book smarts, or emotional intelligence. I'm picking an emotionally intelligent woman.

Last Jaye smooth wants to know if we were held at gunpoint, would we choose to have sex with a man or animal to avoid death. He picks death. Me and Jamie Mack have much less pride. But before we get too far into the topic...You guessed it:

Sheep coochie; Silly pride; getting your religion from social media; women being attracted to gorillas; perverted frogs; and taking a bullet.

I am out of breath. Just listen to the show!...


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