Schlaw AKA Gobbage Body #TNNS387

Episode #387

Jaye Smooth made up for the shots he didn't take on the Tuesday show. He is fully drunk and can't keep it to himself. Reggy and I drank our proper 3 shots. Jamie Mack took five straight, at least. The problem is that we had a show to do. I constantly tried to get us on topic.

Didn't work.

Jaye Smooth called me a tank and his new best baby, schlaw.

We complete the final round of trivia to earn Jamie Mack his honorary nonsense doctorate. But only if he beats Reggy.

Although Jamie Mack wanted us to curse less (which we did), we ended up drunk talking about French Reggy's sexual orientation topic. It got really bad. He even agreed to take a test to determine his orientation. Baylor The Great had to call in to restore order.

Again, didn't work....


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