Who Says We Don’t Have Black Leadership? #TNNS356

Episode #356
Black excellence is a term thrown out for many things these days. Akin to Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy (just found out that was a thing). There are no rules to who can use these hashtags. I have seen some of the ratchetest things be tagged with #BlackExcellence. However, the majority of posts are simply black mediocrity. Over the weekend I turned on my network (I own Netflix Stock). I see that we now have a new show hosted by David Letterman. HIs first guest was the epitome of Black Excellence. Former President Barack Obama. This man is the most eloquent, charismatic, relatable, humble, smooth, and at the same time comfortable in his black skin person I have ever witnessed. This is the true vision of how we as black people should aspire to be. For everyone that thinks we don’t have black leaders, you are missing Barry O.
Jamie Mack wants to talk about how much better women are than men. Let me stop you right there. No matter how much I have stated that men had a good run…and that women are now stepping to the forefront, it doesn't mean I hate men. It doesn't mean I think women are better. The reason why men had such a good run is because of how awesome we are....


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