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Santa Can’t Get Over The Wall #MLL051

Music Love Life
Music Love Life
Santa Can't Get Over The Wall #MLL051
Santa Can’t Climb Over The Wall #MLL051

Episode #51

The guys are joined by Celebrity Shopper, The Haute Shopper @thehauteshopperlps. Without a high level of ambition and some entrepreneurial spirit, most guys in this world do not meet the qualifications for the man our guest needs in her life. We have spoken on this show a few times about settling for someone to be with. But our guest is not willing to sacrifice her life’s potential on a man that can’t even take a little time away from work without a supervisors approval. But can you blame her?

Just in time for the holidays, the government has shut down. Trump threatens that without his 5 billion for the wall, he will force many government families to go without a paycheck. Maybe Santa will just give out gifts from the kindness of his heart.

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