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Saggy and Stretched Mamma Meat #TNNS157

Saggy and Stretched Mamma Meat #TNNS157

Move out but stay with your girl
Do breast and vagina shape and size matter
Are you taking care of your special needs kid
Explaining Atheist Quotes in a Christian way

If you are involved with a woman and you guys live together, can you move out but maintain the relationship? Chances are, as you move out, another dude is hitting your girl on the side. And are you guys going to start over and date? Or do you guys plan on continuing the relationship, as is?
Jaye Smooth has been given every cliched rejection line in the book. When you are getting women by the numbers, it doesn’t really matter. If he talks to 100, 50 will be single. If 50 are single, 15 will be interested. If 15 are interested, 5 will give him their number. If 5 give him the number, 2 will go out on a date. If 2 go on a date, 1 will let him hit.
Either way, at some point that girl will be on her period and be sick on the same weekend. Jaye will figure out a way to shame her into buying him some shoes.
We answer email and voicemail. One of our listeners wants to know if guys are particular about breast and vagina sizes and shapes. Saggy, Stretched, Bloated, and deflated...Bring 'em.
Jaye Smooth prepares himself for the afterlife by talking bad about special needs children. His scenario involves a woman that he had sex with many months ago popping up with a special needs kid. She tells him the baby is his and he shuts the door. Then he goes into a 20-minute tirade about dissing this kid.
Last I get Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth to explain Atheist Quotes in a Christian way. I can’t let Jaye Smooth go to hell alone....


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