Run Away and Die

Run Away and Die

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Run Away and Die

The No Nonsense Show Episode #599

Another black person dead at the hands of police overreaction. Are there no rules for law enforcement? Is there no training dealing with rules of engagement? There seems to be a situation where even when the country is on full alert, cops are still making “mistakes”. Can this still be unintentional or is there an agenda being played out?

Jamie Mack thinks that no one should ever hit a cop. And if they do, bad things will happen. In my mind, hitting a cop should equal death. Where in the world is it okay to shoot someone in the back while they run away? Use of deadly force should only used when a life is in danger.

Kyrie Irving thinks that basketball is less important than our civil rights. Everyone agrees with this. However, is his absolute thinking that the season should not be salvaged simply because his team has no shot?

Run Away and Die #TNNS599

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