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Rooting For Every Drink Brown

The No Nonsense Show Episode #624

Cognac, Brandy, Whiskey, Bourbon...French Reggy is rooting for everything brown. He pops his cherry on Tanqueray. Meanwhile I still can’t root for everything black. But I can celebrate everything black. If you accomplish something big and you happen to be black, I support you. You represent us and it is important.

You know who else must be rotting for black? Kyle Rittenhouse. For a white supremacist, he sucks at outwardly hating black people. He shot three people and didn't even manage to graze a black person. Maybe everyone that people are calling racists aren’t.

Jamie mack thinks that there is power in letting the little head lead the big head. I believe in discernment leading me. Maybe discernment is between Mack’s legs. If that’s the case monogamy may be an impossible thing.

Smooth tells us about the advice he gave his son about his little head. Meanwhile Feminist French is back and he tells us how women edge out men for being the best sex.

Rooting For Every Drink Brown #TNNS624

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