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You Picking The Rock Or Tyrese? #MLL006

Music Love Life
Music Love Life
You Picking The Rock Or Tyrese? #MLL006

Episode #6

Christal is extremely contagious with possibly the Zika virus

B-Honest and Kevin inform Christal that the object of her affection watches porn. She disagrees with the guys but is considering getting plastic surgery even if it means possibly getting botched.

B-Honest defends Tyrese’s recent exploits of the feminine kind. B-Honest says fathers have a right to cry for their daughters even if someone is blowing their back out sexually.

Kevin is confused by B-Honest’s admission but gloats a bit since he is certifiably the healthiest person in the room. B-Honest reiterates that chicken is delicious.

Kevin presents the first 5 steps to becoming a healthy eater.

  1. Make it taste good
  2. Try one recipe per week
  3. Don’t do everything at once
  4. Cook from scratch
  5. Forgive Yourself




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