Roadtrip Reggy

Roadtrip Reggy

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Roadtrip Reggy

The No Nonsense Show Episode #700

700 Episodes!!!! Wow. We are just as shocked as you are. We have been doing this show for more than 7 years and we still love it.

Mack comes in with a Blazing Saddle. He guesses that it is best to tell you up front that he plans to be offensive. However, I’m not sure that he beat our guest. @theReese from the Shoot For The Hip Show pops in to talk about Me now being a member on the coon train. It isn’t long before he brings up last week’s guest and French Reggy’s participation.

Speaking of French, what was up with that road trip that he remembered (that no one else remembers)? It is apparent that this road trip marked an important time in French’s development. It is also apparent that none of French Reggy’s friends ever support him or have his back. Just like that time he would have died for one of his friends that needed to ask questions before reciprocating with his life…This friend did not have such an impactful road trip. In fact he doesn’t thin he was even along for that ride. The birth of a new nickname is here. Roadtrip Reggy!

French wants to talk about whether we should be looking for compatibility in relationships. He finds a clip that suggests we need suitability over compatibility. I say we should all wait on God to send us a mate. …Keep waiting… …You still waiting?…

Jamie Mack doesn’t believe in letting others decide who you are or how you should view yourself. Reggy agrees, as he knows who he is and it is 100% that (No questions asked.

Lastly, a message to black men. WE BELONG!

Roadtrip Reggy #TNNS700

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