Rinse Out A Dusty Cup

Rinse Out A Dusty Cup

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Rinse Out A Dusty Cup

The No Nonsense Show Episode #758

All jerky is not created equal. Beef jerky is French Reggy’s favorite brand. He likes Beef Jerky more than Slim Jim. If you are confused, so are we. I don’t care which jerky you eat as long as you don’t burp.

French knows how to confront his woman with a difficult conversation. He will most likely be single very soon after…but he will get an A for effort. We discus a man that created a spreadsheet calling out how seldom he and his wife have sex. Is this a fireable offense?

Would you let your woman go on a girl’s trip? You have to know what happens on these trips.

Meanwhile, Jamie Mack is not against dusting off a dusty hoo-haw.

Rinse Out A Dusty Cup #TNNS758

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