Rerouting The Moon

Rerouting The Moon

Black On Both Sides
Rerouting The Moon

Black On Both Sides Episode #123

Kunta wants to wish everyone a Happy Pride.

Is it okay to take off major sporting events if your job is major sporting events? I can’t call in sick on a day that my company has it’s most important meeting with the most important clients. It is understood that even if I am not present for any other day, I will be there for that day. These new millennial athletes are determined to be the softest group of people that have ever walked the rock. Kyrie has missed many days for a mystery illness. Now Naomi Osaka has called in sick to a major tournament. Good luck with that career. Good luck with those endorsements.

Speaking of sports, can Tiffany Haddish play FloJo? I will just leave that there.

Louie Gohmer wants to end the world. So he asks if there is anything we can do to modify the moon’s orbit. I have no idea how these people get elected. Gladly, there is little we can do to affect the moon and it’s orbit. But just the fact that someone is out there considering it is wild.

Turns out Trump wasn’t such a good guy after all. He was secretly using the DOJ to subpoena Apple call and text logs from his enemies’ phones. Surprisingly, Apple gave him metadata. I though Apple was the secure company.

Israel may be seeing new leadership soon. And Biden says America is back…but only French concurred.

Rerouting The Moon #BOBS123

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