Repenting Just In Time For Judgement #TNNS402

Episode #402

French Reggy lost his religion a while ago. But now he wants to know if religion was created to keep the poor people off of the rich people's hind parts. This is a job for Jaye Smooth. He has a responsibility to make sure anyone who questions anything about religion be damned to hell. But he plans to repent just in time for judgment. Jaye Smooth fears god but only when he is not in the streets doing dirt. How is it that we have both lived about the same amount of years. He claims that religion has delivered him and I trust my internal compass. Who is to know who is right and who is wrong. Can we both be right?

We have to catch Jaye Smooth up on last week's Event. French Reggy digs himself in deeper. Reggy is Jaye Smooth 1.5. We unpack his new sexual exploits and the math doesn't add up....


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