Relinquish Freedom Instead of Death #TNNS311

Relinquish Freedom Instead of Death #TNNS311

Jaye Smooth had to drop his daughter off at one of the worst places on earth. A place teeming with horny, aggressive, disrespectful, rule breakers. You guessed it…she started middle school. I don’t know if you have visited one of these places recently, but any and everything goes down here. Far be it for us to allow him to get away with a nice story about a young person’s first day. We plant seeds of despair under the Smoothie King’s scalp. Glad my daughters have moved on to a place much more respectful o women, high school.

If aliens aren’t real, NASA sure is hiring someone for a stupid job. They recently requested resumes for potential planetary protection officers. What kind of credentials do you need to fulfill these duties? Apparently, good ones. The job pays six figures. Now I know what you are thinking…6 figures? How the heck are they only paying six figures for someone to protect you from an infinite threat? I would need a gazillion frafillion dollars at least.

Oh, by the way, do you have your hand implanted RFID chip yet? And what, may I ask, are you waiting for? These things have been used for years. They are embedded in our credit card and driver’s license. They have been used to provide access to workplaces with secured areas. They even allowed some club goers ability to skip the line and go right inside. So what are you wanting on, Armageddon?...


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