Rehabilitated For Your Daughter #TNNS250

Rehabilitated For Your Daughter #TNNS250

Rehabilitated For Your Daughter #TNNS250

Jamie Mack binge watched Catfish by mistake. Jaye Smooth has been catfished but he wouldn’t allow me to go into too many details to protect the “innocent”. Either way Jamie Mack thinks that cat fishing is a sign of mental illness for both parties. Why the hell would you get so connected to someone you have never seen or met in person?

Baylor The Great joins us again to settle the best out of three in trivia. Someone wins on this episode...for good. Let’s see if Jaye Smooth will come through.

We have many discussions about our kids dating. On this episode we consider allowing our daughters to date the son of an ex-convict. Can you give the family the benefit of the doubt? Jaye Smooth has lost his mind on this one. He thinks that everyone should get a second chance.

We finish up the show answering our Question-The-Nonsense submissions.

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