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Reggy’s Coming Out

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Reggy's Coming Out

The No Nonsense Show Episode #670

You know, being B-Honest is hard to do. But you know what is easy? Sitting back and letting logic run its course. Every now and then I make a point and eventually good ole Jamie Mack comes right on around. It happened twice on this episode. Just remember speaking things into existence and Household appliance insurance. Sadly, Mack is going through a household meltdown. It seems like everything including his internal wiring is having a literal short circuit. Far be it for me to say I told you so, but the Home Shield insurance plan he has is giving him pushback at every turn. Either they hire the cheapest contractor to come out for the repairs or they force him to call back many, many tines to get any resolve. At the end of the day, we hope that Mack gets everything up and running. But with this type of product luck plays a major role in all of this.

Twan Twizzle has mentioned more than once that Reggy is the star of the show. So much so that Reggy has been heard saying it himself. But Twizzle also says that recently Reggy has been hiding in his turtle shell. So we decided to have a coming out party for Reggy. Not the closet…the shell.We lined up many behavioral and personality questions to allow you to get to know the man inside the man.

Speaking of coming out, Smooth says that he most likely would have been one of the boys spending the night at Neverland Ranch with Mike. This only prefaces a later statement in the show where he mentions something about letting another male sailor get a lil’ something one day when they were naked in the same room…at the same time.

Many people are having adverse reactions to the vaccine and makes a person wonder if the cure is worse than the disease. Covid is the flu but the vaccine is poison. Polarizing, yes. But a necessary conversation.

Reggy’s Coming Out #TNNS670

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