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The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Reggy Roleplay

The No Nonsense Show Episode #669

Jamie Mack starts the show off with an apology. You know who you are and you know what he did. You aren’t going to get this humility very often. I suggest that even though it is clumsy, you find a way to find solace in its intention.

I want to give a PSA to all of the black people riding around with “Test Drive” on the back of their cars. I am not sure people even know that this isn’t a thing. Let’s get home safely and not provoke a cop to stop us.

I feel that every person has the right to fantasize however they choose. Who am I to look down on your rape fantasy if that is what gets you off. If you want to wear a bunny mask while smashing guts, more power to you. What I am interested in is your favorite role-play. Do you fancy the typical doctor/patient scenario? Or do you get really naughty and bring the nun in the bedroom? Well, I have one that I bet you have never tried….until now. I give you permission to try this one.

Mack wants to talk about the responsibilities of a 60 year old doorman. Is he supposed to thwart violent criminals that do things outside the four walls of his employment? What if it was your dadd? Your grandfather? Should your grandad go outside and face danger or stay inside and get home to you? Two senior doormen were let go for not rescuing a woman that was being assaulted in the street in front of their building. Right or wrong?

Reggy Roleplay #TNNS669

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