Real Men Pay Bills #TNNS512

Real Men Pay Bills #TNNS512
The No Nonsense Show

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Episode #512 We went to Miami and had a blast. Well, except for the celebrity house tour Jamie Mack tricked me into going on. Who pays to see rich peoples houses? To add insult to injury, I gave Jamie Mack my ticket to win a trip to Puerto Rico. Lesson to self…Never give away your raffle ticket.You would think Mack had never driven Uber before the way he disrespected George by getting in to his car fresh off of the beach with dripping hoop shorts. George even asked if he was wet. He said no.

Have I ever told you that Tupac was not a top ten rapper? Well, he wasn’t.

Trump called Al Sharpton a conman. Well, isn”t he? At one point they were calling Al a snitch. How are we outraged about one conman calling another conman out? Honor amongst thieves? And Baltimore isn’t messed up? HAve you seen The Wire?

What would you do if the market crashed? Reggy says he would turn a trick. Or something like that anyway. Let’s not think about that and just enjoy a pretty good economy, despite all of the anti-Trump rhetoric.

What makes a man into a real man? Do real men pay bills? Whose opinion matters more? Women’s? Men’s? Your own? Although, these THOTS are out here telling dudes they need to pay to play…DO they have a point?

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