You are currently viewing Raising Your Son While Still In Your Baby Mamma’s Womb #TNNS102 with guest Kit

Raising Your Son While Still In Your Baby Mamma’s Womb #TNNS102 with guest Kit


Ciara and Future's baby triangle with Russell Wilson
Self Aware or Aware of perception to others
Is it selfish to keep your family on life support

Jaye Smooth has trouble getting off the ground with his intro to the show…What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t expose him? Maybe we can start a twitter beef and I can bury him on the next show.
Anyway, he wants to discuss Ciara and Future’s baby triangle with Russell Wilson. Jaye Smooth wants to know how long we think is long enough to wait before a woman can date after having another man’s baby. Can she date while the baby is In Utero? Do you need to wait until the stitches heal?
He also wants to know if we would have sex with a pregnant woman. Does it feel better?
Next, we discuss whether or not it is better to be self-aware or aware of how others perceive you. Jamie Mack had a co-worker that had no idea how he appeared to everyone around him. Because of this, people did not want him around. Would you know if you were that guy?
Jamie Mack is glad that Bobbie Kristina was allowed to pass. I am not sure what type of mummy situation was going on anyway. What has the family been doing with her all of this time? Is this selfish? Should people just let you go and put it into Darwin’s hands?



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