Pulling Smooth’s Tarot Card

Pulling Smooth’s Tarot Card

Pulling Smooth's Tarot Card

The No Nonsense Show Episode #560

French Reggy brings a guest that reads tarot cards and we can’t pass up an opportunity to get Smooth on the hook for all of his weirdo behavior. LDT is fully prepared to get to the bottom of things like his daddy issues and his inability to truly love women. But then he starts trying to disarm our guest with what he thinks is game. I can’t believe this is happening.

Out of the frying pan and into the bath. Jamie Mack thinks that we are being slowly boiled in a pan of gender unknowing. If this is true, we won’t even know we are boiling until it is too late.

Masculinity vs Femininity has been the battle since the beginning of time. How much feminine do we each have.

Pulling Smooth’s Tarot Card #TNNS560

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