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Prostitution On A Payment Plan (Podcast Party) #TNNS106

We had a blast at the 1st Biannual No Nonsense Podcast Party. We needed to do something special for our one year show. I can't believe we made it a year without Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth boxing. O Dubb drops in to claim his honorary host spot. The crowd was live and wild. We had about 35 people in the audience. Note To Self: Do not wait until everyone is drunk to start recording. If there is a point where you can't hear what the hell is going on, blame it on the alcohol.
We go through many topics including Donald Trump, Mexicans taking over, Which twin gets the most nutrients, What makes a person a prostitute, sexual payment plans, Paying for sex, Gender roles, not letting a woman take care of you, 140 dollars is the going rate for bad beeshes in Miami, and drama from a follower.
Guests that spoke on the mic: JB, Peaches & Cream, Blue, Boom, Plair, Kit, Snowflake, Unc, Dee J, Kel, Ray Ray, Tee, Auntie, C Murda, ...


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