You are currently viewing Prostitutes Have Loose Walls & Why It Is Better To Be A Side Chick #TNNS49

Prostitutes Have Loose Walls & Why It Is Better To Be A Side Chick #TNNS49

Jamie Mack starts off the show making concessions for mentally ill people. As long as he can make us all mentally ill, it makes his journey more palpable.

Next, we tackle the age-old question…Can you turn a whore into a housewife? What makes a woman a whore? Is it the number of partners? Is it the frequency of sex? Is it the type of men she sleeps with? Or is it a combination of all of these things?

Being a woman, our guest feels the need to stick up for all women. Journi turns the guns on O Dub. Here is a math problem for you…If Journi has sex with 4 guys spread out over a year…O Dub has sex with 4 girls in one week, but then has sex with those girls exclusively for the entire year…are they both the same?

B Honest feels like women are caught in the illusion painted by books like “Think like a man and behave like a sister” paint. Waiting several months or putting guidelines on the relationship when it comes to sex does not prevent you from being a whore.

O Dub thinks that there is no such thing as a whore. He has considered marrying a prostitute directly off the stroll. He once again reveals that a hooker can game him far better than a civilian.

Jaye Smooth feels like you shouldn’t enter a relationship with any barriers up. Having sex with him in less than three days does not make you a whore because he is special and deserves it.

Jamie Mack States that anyone including himself could change for the right woman or man. Find somebody that allows you to be yourself and it is worth the change.

O Dub shocks the world with a pretty hefty statement. “Any woman who finds a man to marry them is lucky”. He opines that any man who marries a woman saves her.

Journi refuses to get on her knees and thank the lord for having a man. She doesn’t buy into the idea that all women want to get married and have a picket fence provided by her man.

Moving along we argue about whether it is better to be the side chick or the main chick. And how O Dub got Penis Rot.



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