You are currently viewing Prison Gay…On Account Of My Life Sentence #TNNS103 with guest, Kit

Prison Gay…On Account Of My Life Sentence #TNNS103 with guest, Kit

No day sex while the kids are home
Kepler 22 and movies impacting reality
Jamie Mack's pans are killing him
Should I marry a man in prison with 2 life sentences

Jamie Mack starts the show off complaining about summer taking so long. Not because of the heat…He wants to have day sex without his kids being at home. He then wants to discuss what age is acceptable for sexing while they are home and awake.
Speaking of going back to school…Why do school sports cost so damn much to participate in? I want my daughters to not make the team.
Jaye Smooth has been watching smart people’s news again. He is now captivated by Kepler 22. He feels that Movies are constantly telling us things that will happen in real life. After this, I lost him and have no idea where he was going or what the topic actually was. So you will have to listen to find out.
Next Jamie Mack wants to talk about Teflon in pans coming off into your food. First, everyone wants to joke me about how much of a chef I am. Anyway, back to the Teflon. Jamie mack isn't concerned and thinks that he and his family are immune to Teflon flakes.
Drama from a follower: A woman has met a man who is locked up for two life sentences for murder. He will never see the outside. He has never been with a woman. This woman thinks he should have a chance at love and wants to marry him. She wants to know if this is okay?



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