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Prime Time Suicide #TNNS252

Prime Time Suicide #TNNS252

Jaye Smooth wants us all to discuss child suicide. On the Friday show? C’mon man. Let's have fun. Nope, nope. Let’s discuss suicide. Recently a young girl in Georgia live streamed her suicide and Jaye Smooth wants to talk about being on the receiving end of that video. People have been committing suicide for centuries. At one point it was heroic to fall on your sword as opposed to being captured by the enemy. But now a little white girl can't take her own life with  dignity on Facebook Live? Somewhere along the Christian Inquisition, they told us that suicide was a first class ticket to Hell. Christians want to keep you alive so you can tithe. In any event, this girl made suicide a prime time event. Viewers see her apologize and then hang form a tree for many minutes before the stream ends. Everyone is screaming take it down, but why?

Nathin Nice joins the show for some “That Is Not How That Shit Sounds” music trivia. We also discuss why He and Jaye Smooth look so much alike.

Menlo_Park has not dated women in the past for silly reasons. For instance, he would not date any women that didn't have friends because that proved that she was a whore. He wants us to tell you guys about our unsubstantiated rules for not dating. As usual, I am such a snob. You will see why.

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