Prime Directive Pword

Prime Directive Pword

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Prime Directive Pword

The No Nonsense Show Episode #780

Could it be that it only took 780 episodes and almost 9 years for Jamie Mack And Jaye Smooth to finally give in to their urges. The pull has been pulling for so long. They are now exhausted and plan to come together in the warm and fuzzy friendship that they were always meant to have. Smooth joins us for a segment. So all you Smoothies (1 maybe 2) get ready.

Need we tell you again that the one, only, and fundamental reason for you being here is to multiply. Everything else we have developed is secondary. It is primal and it will stay that way until civilization is ready to turn it in. Please don’t turn it in yet. I’m dying to see how the Mack and Smooth bromance develops. Know your prime directive!

Prime Directive Pword #TNNS780

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