You are currently viewing The Price Of Privilege #TNNS264

The Price Of Privilege #TNNS264

The Price Of Privilege #TNNS264

Jaye Smooth needs the motivation to get started on this Friday episode. So me and Jamie Mack charge him up and get him going. Well, for a second at least. He has to resort to his usual energy drink. This time he grabbed one from the Asian store. He got two for 50 cents. I’m not drinking that. Jamie Mack notices that this company is questionable and there is some type of shell corporation going on. So we need to monitor Jaye Smooth for the remainder of the show.

Finally to his topic, Jaye Smooth came across a viral video of a woman who allegedly caught her boyfriend in a hot tub with another man. She throws a plugged-in radio in the tub and then kills them both. Jaye Smooth wants to know if we are going too far with the violence videos. Oh, did I mention that this video was a hoax? So now why are you sitting in a hot tub naked with another man? For views?

I want to change everyone’s perspective on good guys and bad guys. Which hat do you think you wear? White hat? Black hat? I am willing to bet that most people think they are the good guy…especially in their own story. Hold on, though. I promise you that depending on the circumstances, we would easily be looked at as the bad guy. For instance, we used Japan as an example to the world. Because of our willingness to hit two of their cities in the 40’s, we have had 70 years of privilege. Would you be willing to drop two more for guaranteed renewal on that privilege lease? If you say yes, you may be a bad person.

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