You are currently viewing I Prefer That My Kid Be Broke Like Me #TNNS254

I Prefer That My Kid Be Broke Like Me #TNNS254

I Prefer That My Kid Be Broke Like Me #TNNS254

Jamie Mack has recently been placed in charge of a group of millennials. So you already know his stress level is charting off the scale. However, now it seems that he transfers blame to all of the parents (excluding him). For the next 30 minutes, I hear him and Jaye Smooth go back and forth about spoiling the child sparing the rod yadda yadda yadda. J Penn even joins in saying how bad of a childhood he had. Oh, my goodness. Are you going to tell me that you walked uphill to school both ways? Because of the new parenting, the new group of young adults is entitled, selfish, needy, and all around f’d up. Okay, that may be true. But once Jamie Mack calls me out as being one of the parents that are messing it up for everyone, I let them all have it.

Brutal honesty is a tool for crushing someone. It can also be used to make sure someone knows how serious an issue is. How do you use it? Do you use it at all? Does it matter if the person you use it on is family or friends? I feel like it is a necessary evil. But then I am the kind of person that provides 10% less BS than the average.

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