Pre Pig Anus

Pre Pig Anus

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Pre Pig Anus

The No Nonsense Show Episode #793

French Reggy is off of intro duty. He feels like it just isn’t made for him. Something about Drake not rapping and singing and in not being an out. I don’t know, but he will no longer be responsible for any creativity. For the next hour and a half we show him how to create content for an intro on the fly. Actually this is just a sophisticated way of saying, we got derailed.

I made a mistake and played a portion of the show where French’s alter ego showed up. Do you guys remember Black Roxanne? Somewhere inside his talk about prepping for anal, we talk about chitterlings. Actually, the title is an example of a way to say that in a sophisticated way.

Pre Pig Anus #TNNS793

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